• Why Kyrgyztan? 
Kyrgyzstan is a very beautiful and unspoiled tourism destination from the heart of Central Asia, which is getting more and more popular in the International Tourism map and becoming most favorite Tourist place for Travelers from all over the world, Kyrgyzstan hold a very strong heritage and maintain a list of historical monuments for its valuable memories, If you look at Kyrgyzstan as an activity filled Tourism destination then this place will stay ahead of any other Tourist place in the world, Kyrgyzstan is all ways ready with its unending adventure sports, unlimited fun & enjoyment, unrestricted night life, less expensive food & drink and lots more,, and as a Tourists,, its easy to get your VISA to Kyrgyz and the Cost of your Package is Less than the rest. 

  • What will be the duration of the Trip?
You can enjoy the beauty and fun of Kyrgyzstan till your Visa limit, Minimum Travel package will be 3 Nights 4 Days
  • How will I get the Visa & Flight Ticket?
We will take care of your Visa Processing, for which you need to submit the respective documents on demand, we can help you to get the flight ticket and in fact for the Guest who are booking Tour Packages through us will be getting flight tickets in discounted rate. 
  • How will I contact you?
We have offices in Delhi and Bishkek, our team of highly professional staffs will be coordinating your Tour package and assisting your requirements through out the trip.
  • Is  there any receiving staff at Kyrgyzstan? 
we have our tour coordinators in India and Kyrgyzstan, there will be representatives to assist you in departure and arrival at Airport.
  • Will I get Indian food in Kyrgyzstan?
We will be providing Indian Food in the Package
  • Will you be able to guide me for Entertainment & Adventure Activities?
We will be guiding and assisting you for all your Leisure activities which excludes your package like, Casinos, Night Clubs, Adventure sports, cultural shows etc.